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A booking fee is required in order to guarantee your time slot/day for your shoot. Booking fee will be applied toward session fee, again, full session fee is due prior to session. Cash, Credit/Debit Card, or Paypal is accepted. Booking fees are non-refundable, If you need to reschedule your appointment, please inform us a minimum of 72 hours before your appointment time and date.You will be allowed one rescheduling. Expect a unique an enjoyable experience because we love our work. Once you confirm that you want to shoot with us, we need to immediately set up a "Initial consultation" to find out exactly what your vision is for your shoot. We can carry this out via "face to face" meeting, phone,or email. Regardless, we need to set expectations for the imagery so that we can be on the same page.

 We also love to work with the least amount of distraction possible. Therefore we have a "subject only" policy when it comes to photo shoots. Please do not bring anyone along with you who hasn't paid to have their pictures done. There are exceptions, If you are a minor (under 18) PLEASE bring a parent/guardian along with you for the shoot! 

Make sure your hair is styled in the manner you want it to be for your images. Fresh hairstyles for men and women are a plus. A hair stylist is available upon request. Please ask about it at the time of booking.

 I don't release any "raw" or "untouched" images. I want to make you look your best, and represent you, and my images in the best light. My goal is to make every one of your images look like they belong in a magazine article about you, or a cover featuring you. Expect to have an amazing time,and create some awesome images,in a very relaxed and extremely professional atmosphere.

After the shoot we will schedule a day and time within 1-2 weeks for your ordering session. This is when we will sit down and view your images, for you to make your selection, and place your order(Due to Covid-19 we will are not doing in person ordering sessions at this time. You will receive a link to view your proof gallery online). Full payment for your order will be due at this time, unless we have made other payment arrangements. You will also have the opportunity to let family and friends view your images on the online gallery.

Basic retouching is included in your session fee. Stray hairs, blemishes, wrinkles, etc...if any, can be removed with no extra charge per your request. I say "per your request", because I may look at a mole as nothing more than a mole, you may see it as a beauty mark…I don't want to remove any beauty marks; you must tell me what you want removed prior to me printing them.

Receive a $50 print credit from Studio 57 Photography for every paid referral to use toward prints from a previous shoot or a future one. This is great way to get free prints!

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All images are the property of and are copyrighted by Studio 57 Photography. Any reproduction, paper, electronic or scanning of any photos is strictly prohibited and illegal.

It is also understood that any and all digital images remain the property of Studio 57 Photography and they may be used for advertising, display or any purpose thought proper by Studio57 Photography